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How it works

Seedlr leverages user-generated content as a source of cause marketing for registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Micro-donations occur through sponsored posts—called seeds—which are crowd-funded from the site community

With Seedlr, your organization can

  • Provide a cost-effective crowd funding solution with no technical expertise required
  • Diversify revenue streams through a passive fundraising option
  • Increase engagement with millennials
  • Raise awareness for your nonprofit without any maintenance, funding, or hosting on your part
  • Analyze a deeper level of donor analytics with constantly updating data of user behavior


Join a deep-rooted network of nonprofits

Seedlr makes it all connect. Only Seedlr’s proprietary technology links your nonprofit with relevant user generated content—maximizing the exposure of your organization by making recommendations to users most likely to donate.

It’s your online bulletin board, user community, and donation center.

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