Kigali, Rwanda

Empowering workshops for the next generation of female leaders

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  1. Helps close the “confidence gap”– the measure by which women trail men in self-esteem, a major issue in East African communities

  2. Each year, hundreds of workshop participants start businesses, take on leadership roles, or receive promotions thanks to Resonate’s workshops

  3. Workshops focus primarily on women aged 15-35, helping to challenge negative stereotypes and building more inclusive communities

  4. Resonate was founded in 2013 by Ayla Schlosser and Solange lmpanoyimana (who experienced the 1994 Rwandan Genocide first-hand) to empower women in East Africa

More about Resonate’s programs

Storytelling for Leadership Workshop

A 2-day workshop and the core of Resonate training, participants create and share a time when they overcame a challenge, building self-confidence in a group setting.

Professional Development Workshop

Employers can create a custom training program to strengthen specific professional skills in their employees.

Action Leadership Workshop

A 5-day workshop, participants design community projects and put them into action!

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